Hello, I'm Ahmed

Someone once said I'm a great example of a "honey-badger developer"; simply put I'll take on anything. I believe that challenging myself is how I become a better developer and I love working on projects that'll push me.

My previous work includes:

  • Building generators and frameworks
  • Setting up build systems for CI and TDD
  • Scaling up existing applications and training developers to think in scale
  • Building UIs for big data (1mm rows for eg)
  • Targeting multiple screens (wearable, mobile, TV/STBs, etc)
  • Provisioning systems using Ansible, bash, docker and vagrant
  • And writing nice code

What I'm looking for in my next gig another challenge. I've had great fun at Noble Group solving a lot of problems that exist in the financial and commodities space (very big data, low latency high frequency, etc...) and showing that a browser-based solution can work across multiple screens and platforms.


Free from end of June; I'm looking for mainly frontend based work, but am happy to dive deep into Python, PHP, and Ruby projects (I'm still learning Scala and Go).

I prefer to work from home and am available to pop up to London for a cheeky Nandos.