I'm Ahmed

A Freelance Developer

Distinguished Frontender

Backend Aficionado

Inventive Architect

Open Source Contributor

Husband, Father & Dachshund Wrestler

I write great code

I love what I do and I love writing good, well tested code. I'm particularly fond (at the moment) of doing a lot of frontend development and have mainly been using the awesome AngularJS. I've even written my own framework on top of it called Radian.

I create great apps

Whether it's a web site, native device app or an API, I love putting in time to research what's the best way to solve the problem. The recent launch of Sky Store is probably the largest and most visited AngularJS ever built, and it is built on a base framework I created.

I've been around

I've worked in agencies, corporations, start ups and open source projects. All these different scenes have helped me become a better colleague and leader as well as providing me with plenty of challenges, not just code based problems.

Language stats

JavaScript and CoffeeScript


CSS3, SASS/SCSS, Less and Stylus


HTML5 and Jade


NodeJS, Python and PHP


Ruby and Lua


Objective C, C# and Android (Java)

Lightweight, baby

Latest and greatest work

RadianSky StoreGirls Aloud PandoraBBH

Getting in touch

Also: Github, LinkedIn, stackoverflow and G+.